How times have changed, the resources available now

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First things first, it wasn’t long ago that dyslexia wasn’t really recognized at all. We all have parents or grandparents that we would strongly expect to be dyslexic if they were now assessed. While it is not as widely recognized and tested for as we would like, it has and is improving.

While it may have taken longer for some of us to get assessed than others, when we did there were and are many resources available to us if we wish to use them. Just look at our website for example! But that’s enough of that, let’s get started on some practical resources you can use!

1)    Assistive technology (there are grants available for this)

2)    Online courses and tutors

3)   Resource in schools i.e.: extra classes, time allowed for exams or being given notes. (if you are unhappy with their response you can appeal to the board of management  /the school inspector or the office of the ombudsman for children if that fails)

4)    Using different learning techniques as simple as using dictate on your laptop, audio books, recording information from classes  or getting your laptop to read text aloud can all be very helpful.

5)    Friends and family – it is important to have supportive and understanding people available to you, this makes it easier to

discuss it with them and ensures people with dyslexia do not feel discouraged and misunderstood.