Courage. Fearless. Illuminate.
Blossom4Life helps dyslexics embrace difference and accomplish their ambitions: to have courage, to be fearless and to illuminate their path.


At Blossom4Life we work with students 1:1 providing tailored multi-sensory programmes.

Una Buckley, the founder, is a 1st Class Honours Masters Graduate as well as a trained dyslexic tutor and assessor.

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New Course - How to help dyslexics

This course will help viewers understand other elements that have an overlap to dyslexia. Thus, helping viewers gain a broader understanding while learning practical solutions that can be implemented at home or in the classroom.

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How can an Occupational Therapist help people with Dyslexia?

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Work with us

Ongoing Tuition
Lots of students avail of ongoing tuition as it helps to complete school and course work on a regular basis.
Study Skills
During these study skills session, we address the students current study skills and propose alternative study methods.
Exam Techniques
Often students might need additional help in understanding an exam paper format or how to maximise their time in an exam.