About Úna

Life through the lens of dyslexia

I’m Úna, a trained dyslexic tutor and assessor.

I too have been navigating my life through the lens of a dyslexic.

My journey through education was a challenging and lonely one. I experienced anxiety and bullying. I struggled. I have endless memories etched on my soul of the frustration of spending hours doing my homework each night as it took me so much longer than other children.

School itself was an emotional rollercoaster between overwhelm and the kick in the stomach of underwhelm when I received disappointing results from teachers, despite my best efforts.

I felt broken. My mental well-being suffered as I experienced panic attacks.

Thankfully when I moved school in fifth year I was assessed for dyslexia and finally received some support.  I learned that my brain was not broken; it was simply wired differently. Even though there was still a long way to go, at least I was on a path and my road to expressing my truth was closer.

I would love to tell you my life became a bed of roses from that day forward, but that would not do justice to the slow reclaiming of my wellbeing and continued hard work. I can tell you that being more understood and being able to understand myself was enough to give me the ambition and drive to create systems and develop them over time.

My brain is not broken. Our brains are not broken. They were never broken. The system is broken.

Throughout the years of my Leaving Certificate, Degree and Master’s I perfected techniques and skills using my observation and self-developed systems. I have learned how to survive and thrive through an educational system which was not built for me.

I contribute to changing this world for other dyslexics and people living with learning challenges.  I am an advocate for personal development and have undertaken numerous health and wellbeing courses, which allow me to support my students and rebuild their confidence and self-worth.

I am passionate about changing the experience of others who face similar challenges as I did. I am an ally to those I tutor. I am here to help them embrace difference and accomplish their ambitions: to have courage, to be fearless and to illuminate their path.

Blossom4life has been hugly beneficial for our daughter who has dyslexia & dyscalculia. Her confidence in her own ability has greatly improved as has her exam results. As parents, our minds are very much reassured as she is getting that extra one to one help, that we know her school can’t provide.
Una is very accommodating and understanding & I have no hesitation in recommending her

Roisin, Parent

Una has put together a really practical, well informed, well paced series of modules. The knowledge will empower parents and young people to embrace their unique brains and lead a thriving and flourishing life, by leaning into their strengths and working effectively around their needs

Dr. Clara O’Byrne

Una has been amazing in helping her to manage her studies, organisation for school and her day to day to enable her to get the best out of each day. Una’s tutoring has been fantastic for Adrienne, giving her practical tools and the confidence and belief that making small changes in how she does things can support her to achieve her dreams into the future.

Noella Carroll

Una, you are making a real difference in his and ours lives. From a boy who had difficulty in completing homework, he now willingly sits down to do his work and sticks with it until it’s done

Monika Deasy

My daughter started one to one sessions with Una last year at the beginning of her Junior Cert year. I noticed a difference in Chloe (my daughter) immediately, especially in her confidence. As Chloe is dyslexic, she sometimes finds it difficult to understand and process even the most simple tasks causing frustration and upset which results in a lack of interest. Una helped her immensely in this area. She transformed Chloe from being an academically disinterested child to a student who now takes pride in her work and is motivated and driven to succeed. I could not recommend Una’s holistic, kind and gentle approach enough. My only regret is not finding Una sooner.

Ciara Meaney

Thank you Una for your top tips and resources they will be a great help to Network Cork members.

Marguerite O’Sullivan

I have been a student of Una’s and she had made a big difference in my life. My confidence and capability with reading is much improved. I would encourage those who have a reading problem to contact Una and trust me, you will never look back. I am a very happy student


I highly recommend Una to any parent looking for a clearer understanding of where their child is at in terms of learning. Una gave me clarity & direction guiding me as to where to go to next in terms of getting my son the correct sources of help going forward. She has a greater understanding as she is dyslexic herself and therefore has an innate ability to give you the guidance you need as a parent of a dyslexic child. Thanks again Una

Emma White

A maverick, you really make sense of education for people with learning difficulties. Una Buckley, without whom I doubt I would have made it through college as a mature student. Long before she started this business she was helping the rest of us with dyslexia to navigate college supports and study tips. I couldn’t recommend her enough

Corina Hanrahan