Things to do in Summer

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Summer is an essential time for alternative learning for school-going children and students. The summer provides students with a great opportunity to re-boost from the previous school year and get prepared for the next school term. Some top suggestions we have for summer are;

  1. Outside time or time in nature, by the sea, or even in a garden can be very important for both mental and physical well-being. As much time as possible outside is needed for a child’s development. A mix between organized and free- time playing can be very useful to help them use their imagination and creativity.


  1. Reading – reading activities to do with siblings or friends. Might be useful for one child to read to the other children. Alternatively, listening to audiobooks might be a suitable option during travel or car journeys. Used best with headphones and with following the words on a tangible book.


  1. Maths – what useful ways can maths be integrated over the holidays? Either online puzzles, board games, or daily activities, maths can be used in alternative ways during the summertime, either for younger kids learning to add or for older students revising algebra.


  1. Spelling tips- we provide a range of spelling tips and methods in our online program on ‘how to help dyslexics’, see our course section for details. Generally, we advise taking a few words each week that can be practically applied and are useful for everyday conversations and by the end of the week, the goal is that the student has said, explained, and tried to incorporate the word as regularly as possible. Once they become familiar with the word, learning to spell it, is often a lot easier.


  1. Planning out time for learning- ever wonder where the week went too? Well, summer will fly by just as quickly and in order to avoid disappointment or guilt, planning out a small section of time each week can make a drastic difference.


  1. Creative learning methods- such as baking, road signs, and map reading can all be ways of learning in a creative form away from traditional books. We would love to hear what tips you were able to implement or what things you do during the summer that work for you or your family, share your thoughts on our social media pages or send us an email.

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