Dyslexia Awareness Month – October 2020

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October is a very important month this year for creating awareness with Dyslexia.

There will be a number of online events taking place throughout Ireland and the UK.

Blossom4Life will host a number of webinars with educational professionals, some of whom are dyslexic.

  • Ciara Randles, Occupational Therapist and fellow dyslexic, shares her story through education and provides tips for students.
  • Alweena Awan, carried out her PhD. on the educational system and learning differences. Founder of Child Centred method that combines techniques to help people with learning differences. Also a fellow dyslexic.
  • Aileen O’Dwyer, former Principial and with teaching experience of over 30 years, she shared some of her insights in how teachers can support children with learning difficulties.
  • Jessica Kennedy, founder of My OT and Me, that now offers an online courses to help students develop their skill set. Jess shares some insights on how OT tips can help students with learning differences.
  • Senator Tim Lombard, prior to becoming a Senator Tim served thirteen years as a Cork County Councillor. Tim is very active in creating awareness about learning differences and has been very helpful in implementing changes to the educational system.