Dyslexia and homework

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Homework can be challenging for a lot of students whether they have a learning difference or not. Here are some of our top suggestions for getting homework done efficiently and effectively.

  1. Purposeful environment- What can be changed about a certain space to make it more accessible, create more productivity and make it look more appealing? Creating a positive environment directly relates to what work we get done and how we feel.


  1. Sitting arrangements- Desk and chair and posture while carrying out schoolwork or studying are very important for not only our concentration but overall wellness. Its important to have correct alignment between the desk and the chair to avoid developing posture issues. There are a range of supports and useful videos that can help in this area if you want to learn more.


  1. Limit distractions and background noise- All of us can get distracted especially when we have important tasks to complete that we want to put off. Therefore, limiting background noises such as conversations, tv, etc can help retain focus and get the work finished faster so that the student can unwind fully.


  1. Layout- Having books and copies clearly labelled and have shelves space (where possible) at home makes it easier to get things completed. Similar to our other point, creating a purposeful environment impact what we achieve.


  1. Setting a timer for when tasks need to be completed by- often some tasks may take a lot of time but the student under-estimates the time which often leads them to feeling frustrated and tired. Where possible we want to set realistic targets to completing such tasks and using a timer to stick to the timeline where possible.


  1. Something to look forward to when homework is finished fully – we all need things to look forward too. Ideally when a students finished homework, there would be some down time or physical movement time either inside or outside.


Which ONE of these tips can you implement today so that everything can start getting a little bit easier?