Different Learning Styles

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Dyslexia tends to force you to find new ways of learning, the historical classroom learning techniques don’t work for us. With this said, everyone learns differently, not just dyslexics.

Here are just a few learning styles;

  • Visual – needs to see it i.e.: graphs/pictures
  • Aural – prefers hearing it, verbal presentations such as lectures
  • Verbal – may repeat it, are good at expressing themselves
  • Physical – better with their hands
  • Logical – needs it to make sense, could prefer maths and science to other subjects
  • Social – works better in a group
  • Solitary – works better alone

The truth is, while we would like to simplify things and believe we are only one of these learners, in reality we must combine two or three of these styles to make it work for us as individuals.

I used the quiz at educationplanner.org and to find out what my strongest learning style is.

Why not see for yourself, there are loads of quizzes online and we would love to know what they think and if you agree or not!


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