How to help Dyslexics



This course will help viewers understand other elements that have an overlap to dyslexia. Thus, helping viewers gain a broader understanding while learning practical solutions that can be implemented at home or in the classroom.


Designed for teachers and/ or parents looking to learn more and gain useful tips and suggestions.

Learning objectives

  • Outline to dyslexia and dos and don’ts
  • Classroom / home strategies
  • Spelling and writing strategies
  • Health and wellbeing for dyslexics

Bonus features

  • Facebook group
  • Booklets
  • Access to webinars with trained Occupational therapists and teachers
  • Certification
  • Interactive module content and quizzes

Note: This course is delivered in partnership between Blossom4life and SEND Group LTD. In order to process and activate the course, information such as your name and e-mail address will be shared with SEND Group Ltd to the use only of processing the order.